Provincial Superior

Dr. Sr. Amali Anbarasi, Provincial Superior, Congregation – Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo

Dr. Sr.  Amali is a prolific writer who has authored and edited many books and international journals. She is an extensive reader and has a wide exposure to both   English and Tamil Literature. Being an orator both in her native tongue Tamil and in English, she has been a key-note speaker for various events at schools, colleges and other institutions on many occasions and has lectured and spoken on varied topics. Under her regime as a Principal at St. Charles College of Education, Madurai, she had organized a myriad of international conferences/ seminars and workshops and had been an active part of the same. An advocate for women education and women’s rights, she has worked a lot towards it. As a nun, and a teacher by profession with a career spanning more than a quarter of century, she has nourished and fostered numerous students. A born leader she is, she has imbibed all leadership qualities and has always stood tall as a beacon, guiding and leading young minds.