14th March, 2020: First college day

First College Day: Our first College Day was celebrated on 14.03.2020. Thiru. Kumaraguru MLA, Ulundurpet Constituency was invited as our Chief Guest, Thiru. Kather Ali, Thasildhar from Ulundurpet and Dr. Sr. Amali Anbarasi , Provincial Superior, SCB, Estern Province were invited as Guest of Honour, Our Principal Dr. Fr. G. Joseph Antony Samy read the College Annual Report. Both the Chief Guest and Guest of Honour appreciated the efforts the Principal and the management has put forth in bringing up the college. Students displayed various dance and Mimes. Prizes and Certificates were distributed to students who won various competitions that were held in our college.

21st Feb, 2020: Sports Day

Sports Day : Our first Annual Sports Meet was held on 21.02.2020. Mrs. Ezilarasi, Inspector of Police, Ulundurpet was invited as the Chief Guest and Fr. Joshua, Parish Priest, Memalur was invited as the Guest of Honour. Dr. Sr. Amali Anbarasi, Provincial Superior was a special invitee. The event started with the college band inviting the guests, march-past and hoisting of the national, Olympic and college flags. Olympic torch was lit followed by cultural and group and individual track events. The winners were presented with medals and certificates. The overall winner was presented with a trophy.

10th Feb, 2020: Mega Exhibition on Agricultural and Diary Development

Mega Exhibition on Agricultural and Diary Development: On 10.02.2020 the principal, staff and non teaching staff and the students taken to Thalaiasal for this exhibition. Various products, latest technologies, equipments related to agriculture and dairy farming were displayed. Students were motive to grow plants. News J reporter interviewed our students about the exhibition.

26th January, 2020: Republic Day

Republic Day: 71st republic day was celebrated on 26.01.2020. Mr. M.C Arockiadhas, Former Panchayat President , Eraiyur the chief guest gave a thought provoking speech about the national and where it is heading to.

22nd January, 2020: The II PTA Meet

II PTA Meet was held on 22.01.2020 President and office bearers were elected. Evaluation on performance of our college was conducted and all parents were happy with role played by the college.

22nd January, 2020: Interschool Competition

Students from neighboring schools were invited for an inter school competition. Around 75 students participated in various competitions. Winners were awarded cash prize and all the participants were awarded with a certificate.

14th January, 2020 : Pongal Celebration

Mrs. Nirmala, Retd. Teacher from Eraiyur was invited as the chief guest. The campus was completely recreated as a typical Tamil village Pongal atmosphere and it was quite enchanting. Staff and students were dressed in traditional attire, campus was Festooned, path leading to the main entrance of the college was lined with earthen Pongal pots over brick stove girls cooking Pongal, adorned with whole rooted sugarcane and turmeric plants adding the flavour, decorated cow and calf, pongal kollam, fun filled traditional Tamil games it was all there.

06th January, 2020 : Vice Principal’s Birthday Celebration

Vice Principal’s Birthday: On 06.01.2020 our Vice Principal Sr. Cynthia’s birthday was celebrated. The staff and students wished her singing a birthday song. Birth day cake was cut and sweets were distributed to all. Asst. Professors in their wishes appreciated sister’s professional commitment and admired of her valour.

2nd January, 2020 : New Year Celebration

New Year: The College reopened on 02.01.2020 a day after New Year. A new beginning, a new vision the day started with prayer and lighting the lamp. Our Principal in his address asked our students to be more committed, responsible and lead a joyful life. He wished the staff and the students the best for the New Year.

23rd December, 2019 : Christmas Celebration

Christmas Celebration: on 23/12/2019 the true essence of Christmas not just the joy but the love of God for humanity were spread everywhere in our college. Rev. Fr. Sahayaraj the Headmaster of St. Joseph Hr. Sec. School was the Chief Guest. His message enabled the students to carve out a niche for themselves for love and compassion towards fellow human beings what Christ preached. Our Principal in his message provoked everyone’s thought on the recent implementation of Citizenship Amendment Act which was of fascist in nature and a real threat to all the minorities in our nation. He connected it to the plight of the Holy family to Egypt. He wished our students to be a beacon to all showering peace, joy and love as a true messenger of God. Singing of Carols, The Nativity play a beautiful Crib, Santa Claus and Cutting of Christmas cake were all there in the celebration.

19th December, 2019 : Trip to Periyar Falls

A trip was planned to a nearby hill station Vellimalai and both the students and staff were taken to Komugi Dam, Periyar falls, Boat House and Children Park at Vellimalai hills. The students and staff assembled in front of the St.Charles Convent, Eraiyur in the morning by 8:30am from there they were ferried by a tourist bus to the destination. After a full day of happiness, enjoyment and refreshment the bus drove back to Eraiyur in the evening.

18th December, 2019 : Inauguration of ECO Club

Another memorable day to cherish. This day onwards our colour will go green. As a first initiative 50 tree saplings were planted around the campus by both the students and teachers. Our Principal, Secretary and Asst. Professor instilled in the minds of the students the need of planting trees. The college has planned to propagate saplings from seeds in large volume for distributing to the people at the neighbourhood and help them to go green too.

7th December, 2019 : The Official Inauguration of the College

The official Inauguration of the college was postponed  only to see that all the well wishers, the people who worked and had put effort for the coming up of the college, the Government Official, Politicians, Educationalist of various institutions and university to accommodate and honour them for a grand felicitation. The college was in a festive mood for 3 days prior to the event when the preparation by the college staff, students and sisters of SCB, Eastern Province was going on in a full swing 24x7, decorating the stage, festooning the college with balloons, crepe paper garlands and flowers, installing colourful satin flag poles around the campus, festoons and flexboard for welcoming all over the road leading to the college.

05th November, 2019 : First Semester Examination

University First Semester Examination was taken up by our students. Students assembled at our convent to seek our Secretary Sr. Punitha and Principal Fr. Anto's Blessing by 8:30 am and headed to Thirukovilur college, their examination centre by college bus.

04th November, 2019 : Feast of our Patron St. Charles Borromeo

Feast of our Patron St. Charles Borromeo was celebrated auspiciously. Vicarate fathers, sisters from Eraiyur and Beschi School, Ulundurpet were invited. Our staff and students along with our college construction worked participated in the solemn high mass. The priests from St. Joseph's HSS, Parish priest from Seedevi, Memalur and our Principal were the co celebrants. Fr. Albert the Parish priest of Eraiyur was the Chief Celebrant. After the Hoy Mass a short programme was staged that included a skit and a dance. Sr. Cynthia gave an electronic presentation on the life history of our Patron which was a feast both to the eyes and soul. Sumptuous meal was served for all. Our staff greeted our sisters with a small gift as a token of love.

25th October, 2019 : Deepavali Celebration

25th October, 2019 : Deepavali the festival of lights was celebrated with great pomp and splendor. Mrs. Saraswathi, Principal of Govt Girls HSS was invited as our Chief Guest. Whilst delivering her address she instilled the need of celebrating deepavali safely. She stressed the students to be confident and be independent in their life. She was all praise for the splendid ambience of the college. The students delivered their speech on the essence of celebrating Deepavali bilingually both in Tamil and English. A spectacular dance was staged by the students. Atlast the happy ending of the celebration came out with the lighting the crackers.

21st October, 2019 : I PTA Meet

Our college's First PTA meeting was held.24 parents attended the meet. The meeting was held at Fr. Adrein Bresy Conference Hall. after the meet all the parents had one to one interaction with the concerned  faculty.

19th October, 2019 : Computer Science Practical Examination

19th October, 2019 : Our B.Sc Computer Science I year students underwent their computer practical examination at our college computer lab. Mr. Raja, Asst. Prof, Dept. of Comp. Science from Thirukovilur University was the External Examiner.

18th October, 2019 : Seminar on Gurukulam Education

25th September, 2019 :

25th September, 2019 : The First Internal Examination was conducted for the students.

16th September, 2019 : Feast day of our Secretary

16th September, 2019 : The students and staff wished our College Secretary Sr. Mary Punitha, on her feast follwed by a small get together.

12th September, 2019 : Seminar on Green Energy

12th September, 2019 : Seminar on Green Energy A Seminar on Green Energy was organised by the management for both the students and the faculty. Mr. Motha a Green Energy Expert was invited as a resource person. Later Mr.Motha gifted all the students with an ear phone.

5th September, 2019 : Teachers Day was celebrated

9th September, 2019 : The much eagerly awaited Order from the University Grant of Affiliation was issued by the Thiruvalluvar University, Vellore to start the college during the current academic year itself for the Courses B.A. English, B.Com General, B.Sc Computer Science and B.Sc Maths.

3rd September, 2019 : Submission of Inspection Report to the University

The Principal along with his administration team went to Thiruvalluvar University, Vellore to submit the Inspection report by the Peer Team.

30th August, 2019 : Inspection by a Peer Team from the University for the grant of Affiliation

30th August, 2019 : The Blessing of the College by the Most Rev. ArchbishopThis was the most awaited day for both the management and the staff. After fulfilling all the norms set by various Official Statutory Bodies and the Directorate of Collegiate Education, Tamil Nadu for obtaining the certificates and clearance it was finally in the hands of the University to grant affiliation to start the college during the current academic year itself.

28th August, 2019: NOC Obtained from the Directorate of Collegiate Education, Tamil Nadu

Amidst all struggle and hardwork put up by the Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo, Eastern Province,  No Objection Certificate - NOC was obtained from the Directorate of Collegiate Education, Tamil Nadu Government to start the college.

21st August, 2019 : The Blessing of the College by the Most Rev. Archbishop

21st August, 2019 : The Blessing of the College by the Most Rev. ArchbishopIt was a splendid morning filled with radiant and a hazy sunshine. 

22nd July, 2019: St. Charles canteen opening

22nd July, 2019: St. Charles canteen to serve our students and staff was blessed by our Principal Dr. Fr. G. Joseph Antony Samy. Sr. Punitha, Secretary opened the canteen by ribbon cutting.

12th July, 2019 : Birthday of our Principal

12th July, 2019 :  Birthday of our Principal Dr. Fr. G. Joseph Antony Samy was Celebrated with a cake cutting followed by a felicitation through power point presentation. A heap of birthday wishes were bestowed upon our principal by our students and staff. 

6th July, 2019:Orientation course

1st July, 2019 : A batch of potential students for pursuing degree were invited and a month long orientation course was conducted to develop their English language skill and working computer knowledge. Expert instructors were invited for conducting the training sessions.

5th July, 2019 : A Solemn High Mass

5th July, 2019 :A Solemn High Mass was celebrated with the students and the Eraiyur People at the college campus. After the Mass there was a gathering. The Dr. Sr. Amali Anbarasi, Provincial Superior, felicitated the people who helped them in the project and also honoured all the village head who stood with her. Lunch was served to all.