• To form women graduates who realize the importance of their profession.
  • To prepare women who are empowered with knowledge, skills and values of love, compassion, integrity, service etc. To be competent, committed and creative for the development of a more just social order in an atmosphere of intellectual verve and moral integrity.
  • To train and form women so as to enlighten and empower the next generation to bring about the desired social changes.
  • To train the prospective teachers to become relevant educators in an ever-changing techno-world of today.
  • To inculcate in the student teachers, an eco-friendly attitude.
  • To make the College an ideal institution for forming teachers who become relevant to present generation.


Educate, Enlighten, Empower is the motto of our institution. Qualitative professionals have become rare in the present context of our country which commercializes everything including education, non-ethically. To fight against this trend, to swim against the current and to hold on to the values of the Gospel of Christ, is our Motto.


In response to the invitation extended by his Grace Most Rev. Dr. Anandarayer, the Arch Bishop of Pondicherry and Cuddalore to work among the rural marginalized people by means of providing qualitative higher education, we have landed at Eraiyur, an orthodox age-old Catholic Parish Village in September, 2018. This is our maiden community under this Arch Diocese. The province has purchased nearly 5 acres of land to put up the convent building and to carry out other socio-pastoral activities. Right now the community has started its mission in a rented house to cope up with the demand aired by the local people in and around Eraiyur. To fulfill the need for availing the qualitative higher education, nearly 8 acres of land has been purchased for basic infrastructure to start St. Charles College of Arts and Science at Vadakurumbur village, adjacent to Eraiyur Village.


WITH THE COOPERATION OF THE LOCAL CHURCH AND THE PEOPLE, STRENEOUS EFFORTS HAVE BEEN TAKEN WITH VARIOUS Government Departments and Educational Institutions to start the said college. As many as 31 certificates have been obtained as a prerequisite to start the college, and that has resulted in issuing the G.O from the Govt. of Tamil Nadu vide. No. 211/dt 28.08.2019 and the subsequent affiliation obtained from Thiruvalluvar University  Th/Uni-vide No: TVI 6436 dated 09.09.2019.